PUTRAJAYA: Bersih 3.0 organisers should be held responsible for the damage to property and injuries caused during Saturday’s rally in Kuala Lumpur, said Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.The Deputy Prime Minister made the remark Sunday when asked of his opinion on the protest, which its organisers have promised to be a peaceful sit-in demonstration.

“The Government has made them the offer to hold the protest at a stadium but they have refused it.

“As organisers, they should bear the responsibility,” Muhyiddin said at a press conference after launching the National Education Dialogue 2012 here.




  1. ayh_chor    

    sebijik rupe berok gamaknye dema memanjat keta semua mesti pakar panjat buah nyor nih..2/3 hari kurang lah santan dlm pasaran..pasal pakar panjat nyor wat demo berok

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