BATU PAHAT: Flood-prone schools are reminded to locate their offices, computers and documents on higher floors to cut the cost of losses and damage incurred during floods.

Deputy Education Minister Dr Mohd Puad Zarkashi said Saturday that the Government had incurred losses amounting to millions of ringgit every year due to floods that damage schools.

He said the damage could be avoided if schools followed orders to prepare for possible floods.

Puad said the ministry had clear standard operating procedures for schools but some did not obey.

Many computers, chairs, tables, documents and other school equipment were destroyed because they were placed on the ground floor, he told reporters.

The Government spends millions on repairing and replacing facilities in schools every year, he said, adding that those included losses which could be prevented or minimised.

“Office and classrooms should be located on the second level or higher as it will prevent direct damage in case of flooding.

“We ask all schools to keep their computers and documents on higher floors, some do not take this advice for their own convenience,” he said after a programme to meet with residents of Punggur Kechil Rengit here Saturday.

On Friday, Puad said the Government had incurred losses amounting to some RM2.63mil due to the recent floods that struck schools in the east coast.

Terengganu recorded the highest amount at RM1.9mil involving 39 schools, followed by Kelantan at RM424,900 (34 schools) and Pahang at RM309,650 (one school).



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