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Perak BN candidates who lost in last election may be renominated, says Zambry

January 4, 2012
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Perak BN candidates who lost in last election may be renominated, says Zambry

IPOH: The Perak Barisan Nasional (BN) does not rule out the possibility that candidates who had lost in the last general election may be renominated to contest in the 13th general election.
Its chairman Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir said the state BN had compiled various information and feedback from the public on the candidates who had lost in the previous election.

“These candidates had probably lost or won narrowly in the previous general election…but we must know the reasons for their defeat.

“To me, some of them actually could have won but because of the political tsunami that had occurred, they were defeated,” he told reporters after the official opening of the Bercham Alternative Road to the North-South Expressway, here today.

He said that based on the information gathered, it was found that many people had requested that the defeated candidates be renominated in the coming general election.

Zambry, who is also the Perak Menteri Besar, said the feedback revealed that the public also expressed regret for not voting the defeated candidates in the last general election.

“When I go down on the ground, I not only meet with the Umno and BN members but also the traders and other communities. I received numerous feedback on the matter,” he said.

He said that he found out many of the defeated candidates continued to carry out their responsibility to help the community and this gave them the advantage to be renominated.– Bernama

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  1. Anonymous

    I think BN Perak should choose the right MIC candidates. Many of them do not even know how to deliver their massage.

    If more Malays are found in their constituencies the candidates should be endorsed by UMNO. Similarly, if Chinese voters are more in the constituencies the MIC candidates should be endorsed by the Chinese community. The candidates shuld also be aware of the constitution and democracy i.e which race is represented the most is important in Malaysian politics.


  2. Anonymous

    Dr. Zambry should be aware who were the people who have suggested a few loosers should be retained. In democracy the loosers should step down.

    Furthermore, our country would become more capitalistic.

    We are not short of leaders. Muniandy from Sime Darby estate can do better than Datuk Samy if he is given a chance. His Malay is more fluent than Datuk Sammy.

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