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Najib Does A Check Mate On Opposition By Signing Transparency Pledge

February 22, 2013
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A daring act by a brave leader.

That is how anyone can describe Najib Tun Razak when he signed the Transparency International Election Integrity Pledge on Wednesday.

Will the act put a check mate or just a check as in a chess game against the opposition pact and anti-establishment NGO particularly S. Ambiga and her Bersih group?

Whether or not is another matter but Najib’s act, as chairman of the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition and Prime Minister, is an act of not just brave and daring but in truth a sincere and honest act to see the coming general election is free of corruption and vote buying and whatever allegations thrown at him and BN.

Besides that, Najib even will get all BN representatives in the coming general election to sign the pledge – meaning he wants all his people to be as clean as he is and as credible as him.

Transparency International is an international anti-corruption NGO that promotes transparency and accountability for elections around the world which is trusted.

And Najib, by getting BN representatives to sign the pledge, is the first Prime Minister and country in the world to take such move that shows a crystal clear election.

Having done that, Najib kills all the doubts and allegations that he and BN practice ‘political corruptions’ which resulted in the opposition won four states, a surprise result…he he he.

The pledge commit BN, among other things, not to be involved in votes rigging, vote buying, moving voters to sensitive or ‘red areas’ and passing dead persons as voters.

Now that Najib is open and brave enough to sign the pledge, let us see whether the leaders of opposition pact would do the same, after all they are the ones plus of course the NGOs supporting them who cry foul.

Najib and the BN have been sincere and honest all along as reflected in their actions and statements but winning the hearts and minds of the people – we are talking about human beings here – is not an easy task.

Normal humans believe in nice beautiful stories and leaders of the opposition pact particularly Anwar Ibrahim and Nik Aziz Nik Mat are very, very good in doing this, telling make believe stories that catch the highest sound frequency of humans.

They have been at this game for so long that it now become a tedious job for Najib and other BN leaders to undo and put back on track the minds and hearts of those who had been deviated mentally.

Whether it is by a stroke of luck, those mesmerized and ‘hypnotised’ have suddenly awaken when the opposition pact themselves failed to deliver their promises and the make-believed stories disintegrate as the truth emerges one-by-one.

Thinking Malaysians are now abandoning the opposition pact which they supported in 2008 general election and they now see the sincerity in Najib’s moves and future vision.

The trend has got the opposition pact worried and leaders of the pact, who are at logger-heads with each other on practically every issues are now in a hot spot, like worms in a hot hole, grasping at anything to get out.


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