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Monitor Anwar’s Every Word During Rallies And Act If It Goes Out Of The Law

Pakatan Rakyat will hold Black 505 rally in Kuala Lumpur on June 15, still insisting the recently concluded general election was laced with fraud.

The organizer will engaged with the police and security agencies to ensure that the rally will be peaceful.

The word used ‘Pakatan’ in this case is very unusual because PAS had voiced out the party’s disagreement on the rally while DAP’s Karpal Singh had also said the party was against the rally.

Analyzing deeper, one can see that the only person that wanted the rally is Anwar Ibrahim, the PKR de facto chief who is very, very sore with the ‘turn of fate’ because he had expected and was 100 percent confident that the opposition front would win and he would be installed as the Prime Minister.

Even PKR’s deputy president Azmin Ali is against the rally, saying it was a waste of time and energy when one should be moving forward to serve the people.

Given such background, it is very clear that only Anwar is determine to incite and build up the momentum as well as pumping the minds and hearts of the followers to ‘create chaos’ so that the duly elected government is toppled.

Anwar is of course aided by none other than NGOs he had created and funded by foreign masters such as the Bersih whatever, Suaram and few others, who until today continue harassing and pin-pointing alleged corruptions and many more frauds – all have yet to have any proof shown – to support his claims.

Looking deeper and logically with a sane mind, it is obvious that Anwar is nearing ‘insanity’ with his obsession and such a man has no longer any fear of anything because his mind is no longer normal – it is abnormal.

Under the guise of so-called intellectualism which he espoused to foreign journalists – local journalists already knew him and his obsession very well – he continues to mesmerised the crowd at these rallies which is now becoming a cult.

Under such circumstances, the relevant authorities should monitor his speeches and aqction should be taken fast so that he stop ‘playing with the minds’ of the young followers and the middle-aged who are not exposed to both sides of the pictures he paints.

Fear of being labeled as government tool should be erased because as it is right now, Anwar and his cahoots had already painted a ‘bad perception’ of the police and all other government agencies.

Now that Barisan Nasional (BN) is back in power, perceptions should not be the obstacle for stern and firm actions under the laws because failure to follow the laws will confirm the perception.

So it is time the police monitor every word Anwar utter or said during the ceramah and is any is seditious or falls under inciting, just take action without fear.

It is time to stop his circus before sentiments of the young people are built up so intense that if this explodes on the street, there will be chaos.

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