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Najib lauds women undergrads’ achievement


KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has praised women undergraduates for outnumbering their male counterparts in the latest intake for public institutes of higher learning.

“This year, women made up 68 per cent of  students  admitted to public universities, a great victory for gender fairness in  education,” he said in his latest Twitter posting.

It was reported that 41,573 students had been offered places in 20  public institutions of higher learning nationwide for the 2013/2014 session.

Almost 60 per cent of those who received the letters of admission  were offered science-based courses while the remaining successful applicants  were arts students.

The   Education Ministry’s Higher Education Department  director-general Prof Datuk Dr Morshidi Sirat was reported to have said that  more female students had been accepted into public universities than their male  counterparts.

He said 39,352 or 68.1 per cent of those accepted into public universities  were females.        Najib, in his latest Facebook  post yesterday, wished Kuala Besut voters and Barisan Nasional  all the  best in the by-election on July 24 .

“The nomination proceeded smoothly today. I pray that  everything will go just as well on July 24.”

The Kuala Besut by-election on July 24 is a straight fight  between BN’s Tengku Zaihan Che Ku Abd Rahman and Pas’ Endot @ Azlan Yusof.


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