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Nik Aziz accuses US and Israel of being two-faced on Egypt

nik-azizThe United States and Israel were slammed as hypocrites by PAS spiritual leader Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat (pic) for championing democratic principles but keeping quiet over the events in Egypt.

He said Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi had been elected as president in clean and fair polls but had not been given the opportunity to complete his term.

“This is the true face of The United States and Israel. They are the ones who champion democracy and they are the ones who besmirch democracy as well,” he said.

Harakahdaily reported Nik Aziz as saying Morsi’s enemies were uncomfortable with him and would not allow his administration to run smoothly.

“Hence, it is not strange for The United States to support the coup by the Egyptian military.

“The other Middle Eastern countries which supported the coup are also tools of The United States,” he alleged.
Nik Aziz said Israel represents the Jews while the US represents the Christians, and they are always trying to dim the light of God.

“They have forgotten that the rise of Islam is like a fast-flowing river, if you block it at the side, it will flow through the centre.

“If you try to block it at the centre, it will flow over the top of the barrier and to the bottom. If all angles are blocked, it will wait to break through the barrier,” he said.

The Egyptian people have risen to protest against Morsi’s removal as president and to voice their anger and frustration at the military.

“The people of Egypt will not stand aside and watch secularists fulfill their ambition of returning to power,” Nik Aziz said.
Nik Aziz said The United States and Israel would continue playing their games in the Middle East.

“In public, they will shout democratic slogans, but when they have been stabbed by democracy, then they will violate it,” Nik Aziz said.

He cited examples, saying in December 1991, the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS) won the first round of the Algerian parliamentary elections with 48 per cent of the popular vote.

However, the Algerian army saw the seeming certainty of FIS rule as unacceptable and cancelled the electoral process in January 1992.

Nik Aziz said the US failed to intervene in that violation of the democratic process, preferring instead to keep quiet.
He stressed that the same scenario played itself out in Turkey, Gaza and West Bank, but the US never held firm to its principles of democracy.

“That is The United States and Israel for you, they do not respect the people’s democratic choice and try to overthrow the legitimate government by bribing representatives of the public,” he said.

Nik Aziz added that those who claimed that the last general election in Malaysia was democratic were also in the same boat as The United States and Israel.

He also expressed sadness at the detention of former Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Mahdi Akif by Egyptian authorities.

“Mahdi is more than 80 years old, is there a need to treat him like this?

“How can an old man stand up against the might of the Egyptian armed forces?” Nik Aziz said, recalling last year when Mahdi visited Kelantan.


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