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K-9 unit shows off skills at Pulapol


KUALA LUMPUR: Every dog has its day. And yesterday was a notable one for those in the K-9 unit as well as their handlers.

A special demonstration to show off their skills and capabilities at the Police Training Centre (Pulapol) saw 12 German Shepherds and Labradors taking centre stage.

From an obstacle course complete with a ring of fire to detecting narcotics and explosives and assisting in the capture of criminals, the demonstration showcased the dogs’ intelligence and exceptional obedience in taking orders from their handlers.

It was an occasion for Kpl Hilda anak Wilson Gunong to savour. The 29-year-old led the team of service dogs and their handlers through the demonstration.

“Since I joined the force six years ago, I wanted to be part of the K-9 unit and was overjoyed when my application to join the unit as a handler was accepted,” said the first policewoman to join the unit.

Kpl Hilda said she was handling a two-year-old male Labrador named Dahei which was trained to sniff out narcotics.

“I have always loved dogs and my family has dogs back home in Sarawak as well,” she said, adding that there were times when she had to be firm with Dahei but overall he was an obedient and friendly dog.

She said they were based at the Sepang police headquarters and would assist in detecting drugs in cases in the area, including the two airports there.

Kpl M. Chandran, 48, said he had spent 18 years with the K-9 unit and likened his bond with his explosives detecting male Labrador, Jacky, to that between father and child.

The father of three said Jacky would sometimes “get moody” just like a child but that did not stop them from doing their job.

“I keep some treats to give him positive reinforcement when he does a good job.

“We have assisted in sniffing for possible explosives when the Indian Prime Minister came for a working visit several years ago,” he said.

Kpl Chandran added that he trusted Jacky with his own life and knew that Jacky would do anything for him.

Bukit Aman Technical Assistance Division (D6) principal assistant director Asst Comm Ibrahim Chim said there were a total of 145 dogs in the unit so far.

“We have 88 German Shepherds, 54 Labradors, a Belgian Shepherd, a Border Collie and a Weimaraner.

“They are the ‘under-dogs’ in our force who efficiently assist us in finding weapons, narcotics and detecting explosives,” he said, adding that the dogs’ sense of smell is thousands of times better than humans’.

He said the K-9 unit deserved a pat on the back for assisting in 160 explosive detection cases this year as well as being called for crime prevention and keeping the peace during demonstrations.


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