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Melaka Reviews Condotions For Asset Ownership For Foreigners – Idris Haron


MELAKA, Nov 6 – The state government will review conditions for property ownership for foreigners in Melaka in an effort to increase asset ownership among local citizens, especially the Melaka-born, said Chief Minister Datuk Seri Idris Haron.

He said the main proposal to be looked into in the review would be to raise the value of property that foreigners would be allowed to own from more than RM250,000 currently to more than RM500,000.

He said the conditions of asset ownership that would be re-evaluated involved various sectors including agriculture such as the land must be more than 1.6 hectares, industry such as factories and housing.

“If we look at the foreign exchange, RM250,000 is equivalent to only about SGD97,000 which is cheap for Singaporeans to own property at that price…so a lot of Singapore nationals buy houses in Melaka to the extent that there is a boom and Melaka people find it difficult to buy houses.

“Melaka does not prevent foreigners to own property, and on the contrary, encourages them (to do so) which would result in foreign investment increasing…we do this so that more locals, particularly the Melaka-born, will own property in the state,” he told reporters after chairing the State Exco Meeting at Ayer Keroh, here today.

Meanwhile, Idris said the state government might consider the appointment of two Exco members from MCA Assemblymen using the method of ‘one plus one’, ie, to appoint one first which will later be followed by the appointment of another one.

However, he said, the MCA had so far not given any official letter on its willingness to accept the post at the state level nor a meeting to discuss the matter.

“There have been numerous unofficial meetings and discussions with the state (MCA) chairman (Datuk Gan Tian Loo) because we are very close with the MCA, but there has been no official meeting yet,” he said.

On Oct 20, the MCA extraordinary general meeting had passed a resolution allowing party members to accept positions at the state government level.

Melaka has three MCA Assemblymen namely Datuk Lai Meng Chong (Machap), Datuk Ng Choon Koon (Bemban) and Lim Ban Hong (Klebang).

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