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They took my baby away, says expat


PETALING JAYA: An alert has been sounded for a 20-month-old child of an expatriate mother who has alleged that a man stormed into her house in Bangsar here and abducted her son.

According to a family friend of language teacher Sarah Joseph, 39, the man had burst into her home in Jalan Terasek at around 6.20pm yesterday and took away her son, Freddie.

At that time, Joseph was alone with the baby, having dinner on the porch while her maid was inside the house near the upscale neighbourhood near Jalan Telawi which is popular with expatriates.

Joseph had stepped into the house for a while before she heard plates falling and rushed out.

It was then that she saw the man grabbing the baby from his chair.

The man then ran out of the house and drove off in a white Toyota Camry.

“We hope as many people as possible can help us look out for the man. He could not have gotten far in this traffic,” said the friend yesterday.

According to an eyewitness, a white car stopped in front of the house at around 6pm.

As the car stopped, a man got off and put on a baseball cap and spectacles before proceeding towards the house.

Moments later, the man could be seen running to the car with a baby in his arms. The passenger door of the car was opened by someone inside and the man passed the baby to the person inside.

Joseph was seen running after the man, screaming.

Two passers-by then went to her aid and managed to pull Freddie half out of the car. However, the man came out of the car and threatened them with a machete before making his getaway.

Joseph was seen clinging to the car and was dragged for a few metres before she finally fell down.

Later, her Filipino maid, who declined to be named, said she was in the kitchen when she heard screams from the front: “Give me my baby! Help me! Help me!”

“When I rushed there, they were already gone,” said the maid.

Joseph, who is believed to be separated, later lodged a police report.

Police rushed to the house and spent over two hours dusting for fingerprints.

Joseph was believed to be too traumatised to talk to the press.

The social media was also abuzz about the baby-snatching.

A photo of the boy has also been circulated on Twitter with a message saying: “URGENT, please share Freddy (20 months old) was kidnapped on jalan Terasek 7 at approximately before 6pm. If you have any info, please contact Paul on 012-2036264.”

City CID chief SAC Datuk Ku Chin Wah said the case has been classified as kidnapping, adding that the suspect may be known to the family.


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