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Highland Towers: Ghostly town in many ways

highland towers

OVER the past 20 years, the abandoned site of the Highland Towers has drawn its fair share of horror stories, with some claiming to have experienced paranormal encounters there.

The place has also drawn a growing number of amateur paranormal investigators and the curious.

A quick search on the Internet revealed an impressive number of videos and photos uploaded by these investigators, relating their experiences while exploring the two remaining blocks of Highland Towers.

Some of them used high-tech equipment like parabolic recorders, night vision cameras, infrared thermometers and electromagnetic field meters to record their “adventures”.

Regular Netizens have also documented their late-night expeditions to the two blocks with YouTube videos and blog posts.

The stories surrounding the Highland Towers are also featured prominently in sites dedicated to the paranormal like HungZai.com, ghostsmsia.blogspot.com and The Paranormal Life (adamvai.blogspot.com) by social media ghost hunter Adam Vai.

According to theshadowlands.net website, many have claimed that the place is haunted and voices could be heard at night.

Such stories have spurred the making of Highland Tower, a movie directed by Pierre Andre.

The place has also been touted as among the most haunted places in the country, along with the likes of Pudu Jail and Bukit Tunku in Kuala Lumpur, Kellie’s Castle in Perak and the Karak Highway in Pahang.


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