Whipping for RM250 CBT


GEORGE TOWN: A 32-year-old salesman who committed criminal breach of trust (CBT) involving just RM250 will be paying dearly for the crime.

A High Court here ordered Mohd Hafiz Hussain to be given four strokes of the rotan in addition to the four-year jail term which a lower court had earlier imposed on him.

Hafiz, who is from Jitra in Kedah, had pleaded guilty in a Bukit Mertajam Sessions Court on Nov 26 to four counts of CBT involving a total of RM250 and was jailed a year each per count, with the jail terms running consecutively.

He admitted to committing the offences between April 12 last year and April 18 this year at Sharp-Ware Corporation in Taman Kelasah, Seberang Jaya, by recording different amounts of payment on the copy of receipts given to four customers and that retained by the company.

Three of the charges involved a CBT of RM50 each while the other involved RM100.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Pang Chuin Keat told reporters yesterday that Sessions judge Musyiri Peet had subsequently requested for the case to be reviewed by the High Court.

Hafiz, who was unrepresented, pleaded for a lenient sentence and for his jail terms to run concurrently when the case came up for review before Justice Zamani Abdul Rahim yesterday.

He also said he has a young child while his now pregnant wife is unemployed.

Justice Zamani, however, ordered the consecutive jail terms to be maintained and that Hafiz be given a stroke of the rotan for each charge.

He asked Hafiz why he did not think of his family first before committing the offence and told him to repent and pray to God for forgiveness.

Hafiz was charge under Section 408 of the Penal Code which carries a minimum one-year jail term, whipping and a fine.


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