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Tycoon flies in on private jet for fish


KUALA LUMPUR: Hong Kong tycoon Peter Lam flew to Malaysia in his private jet to taste the empurau fish, commonly known as wang bu liao (Forget Me Not) among the Chinese for its expensive price tag as well as its delicious meat, reported China Press.

The empurau is touted as the most expensive freshwater fish, with prices reaching as high as RM1,800 per kilo.

It was reported that Lam and nine friends had visited a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur to enjoy the fish steamed.

The fish had been ordered by James Wong from Sarawak, who was said to be an expert in freshwater fish, for the feast on Sunday night.

The 2kg fish cost about RM3,000, said Wong.

“Many tourists and wealthy men fly in regularly for a taste of empurau in Malaysia. But this is the first time that anyone has come for that purpose in a private jet,” he said.

Lam, who is the Hong Kong Tourism Board chairman, also took home five local freshwater fish, including four empurau, worth about RM17,000 back to Hong Kong on Monday.

When approached by a reporter, Lam, who was on a personal trip, said this was his first time trying the empurau fish in Malaysia.

He said the taste was delicious.

“I will return. Besides the wang bu liao, other fish in Malaysia are also delicious. I will bring another group soon to taste other Malaysian delicacies,” he added.

The wild freshwater fish had become very popular after Hong Kong food critic Chua Lam and chef Liang Wentao, known as the Hong Kong God of Cookery , featured a dish on their television shows.


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