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States alerted over water situation

lori-airPETALING JAYA: All state water authorities have been directed to take measures to avoid the possibility of a water crisis following the prolonged hot dry spell.

National Water Services Com­mission (SPAN) chairman Datuk Ismail Kassim said although the water level in many dams remains above 50%, the Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister on Sunday had issued an alert for all state water authorities to store extra water to prevent the possibility of a water crisis.

He said the precautionary measure was being taken following concerns over dwindling water level at certain dams, especially in east cost and northern states as they were experiencing low rainfall.

“States like Perlis and Kedah as well as some east coast states should be prepared because they are expected to experience low rainfall this coming month,” he said.

In Selangor, all the dams in the state are still operating above 50% capacity.

However, the state is prepared to take drastic measures, including carrying out cloud seeding, should the hot weather persist, said state executive councillor for youth and sports, infrastructure and public amenities Dr Ahmad Yunus Hairi.

The state’s largest dam, the Sungai Selangor Dam, might see water flow minimised in 30 days if there was no rain.

The Selangor River Dam serves the need of 60% of the state’s (including Kuala Lumpur) population, with a capacity of 230 million cubic metres.

Dr Ahmad said cloud seeding was an option the state was looking at, but admitted that at the moment, the weather was not conducive for such an exercise to be undertaken.

In Malacca, the water at the Durian Tunggal Dam is depleting between 0.9% to 1% daily due to the current dry season.

Syarikat Air Melaka Bhd spokesman, however, said the water level was still under control and remained at over 70%.

“Should the weather remain dry with no rain, the water level is expected to drop to 60% by the end of the month,” he said yesterday.

In order to stabilise the water level, he said four pumps had been set up to pump some 181.7 million litres of untreated water into the Durian Tunggal Dam daily from Sungai Grisek in Muar.


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