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TNB to relocate pole for free

tnbAll smiles: Sandra thanking Mohd Yusof as the work to remove the pole started outside her house in Seri Alam:-

JOHOR BARU: The saga involving the awkwardly-placed electricity transmission pole infront of a house in Taman Seri Alam here is now over as Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) has agreed to relocate the concrete pole for free.

Works to remove the pole started yesterday and was expected to be completed within a few days.

“We will also be waiving the RM1,557.26 fee which is normally imposed,” said TNB senior general manager for communications Datuk Mohd Aminuddin Mohd Amin.

He said the pole would also be relocated to the side where it would not be obstructing anyone.

In a statement to The Star, Mohd Aminuddin said the decision to waive the fee was a gesture of goodwill and an exception to TNB’s usual practice. He also explained that the fee was meant to cover the cost of manpower as well as equipment and transportation costs.

TNB also urged those with similar problems to come to the nearest TNB office or contact the hotline at 15454.

The affected house owner M. Sandra, 43, was all smiles as TNB officials dug a hole on the left side of her home where the pole would be repositioned.

“I am so happy that this whole problem is finally over,” she said, adding that once the pole was moved, she could have easy access in and out of her home.

“On top of everything, I am most grateful to TNB for waiving the relocation charges as I am a single mother and struggle on a monthly basis to make ends meet,” she said, adding that her 13-year-old son R. Kavilash and eight-year-old daughter Pavitra would also be happy to have more space to play.

Before this, she could not fully open one side of her gate due to the pole.

According to Sandra, she had lodged an official complaint pertaining to the issue in May last year, and has been living with the pole outside her house since 1994 as she could not afford to pay the relocation charges.

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