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12,000 Indian students at Chinese vernacular schools

Sekolah3There are some 12,000 Indian students learning at Chinese vernacular schools right now says Penyelaras Pelan Tindakan Masa Depan Sekolah-Sekolah Tamil Prime Minister’s Department Prof. Datuk Dr. N.S. Rajendran.

Rajendran said the number of Indians in Chinese schools have gone up drastically and on the converse, the number of Indian students which does not enroll at Tamil schools have dropped.

“There are now, 12,000 students in Chinese schools but there a fewer students in 320 out of 523 Tamil schools in the country.

To make matters worse, only 10 Indian students in 18 Tamil schools. Out of the 18 schools, six are in Perak,” says the Malaysia Nanban.

Rajendran however stressed the good academic performance at Tamil schools will attract more students to enroll in the future.

He added Tamil schools will not excel based only on its new buildings or upgrading works, but good examination results and teaching methods are the only way to convince parents to send their children to Tamil schools.

Parents nowadays which include Indian parents in this country are giving serious attention to their children’s education and the education standard at Tamil schools is still not satisfatory prompting them to switch to Chinese schools which has higher education standard.

Indian parents are still not satisfied with the academic excellence and the quality of Tamil schools, such as 30 per cent pass rate in Bahasa Malaysia compared to 90 percent in science and mathematics.

– Malaysian Namban

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