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Giant pandas to arrive on Wednesday


Picture shows a giant panda sleeping in its enclosure in Hangzhou zoo in Hangzhou, east China’s Zhejiang province:-

KUALA LUMPUR: Giant pandas Fu Wa and Feng Yi are expected to arrive in Malaysia on Wednesday.

The pair will arrive early in the morning via MASkargo to take advantage of the cool air during their transfer.

However, the public will not be able to visit the mammals as they must be quarantined for a month first.

The pandas will make their public debut after Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak opened their enclosure at Zoo Negara at the end of June.

China’s ambassador to Malaysia, Huang Huikang, confirmed last week that the pandas would arrive before Najib’s visit to China, which is scheduled for May 27.

Fu Wa and Feng Yi – both born on Aug 23, 2006 – are loaned to Malay­sia for an annual fee of US$1mil (RM3.23mil) for 10 years to mark the 40th anniversary of Malaysia-China diplomatic relations.

The RM25mil enclosure – which has a temperature below 24°C to simulate the pandas’ original habitat – is all geared up to welcome Fu Wa and Feng Yi.

The 1.6ha “home” has, among others, an exercise space, a holding den, food preparation place, laboratory, clinic, incubator room, nursery and a monitoring room.

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