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Will MAS disappear from radar?

mas rasar_0The future of MAS is gettting bleaker by the day and is in dire need of a bona fide turn around plan.

The whole debacle started when the share swap between Malaysia Airline System Berhad (MAS) and AirAsia Berhad was called off in 2012.

It all made a turn for the worse when MAS new management, new consultants and new faces in certain departments also failed to rectify the situation and failed to revive the ailing carrier.

Three tears down the road, the business turnaround plan has yet to yield any results which was put paid on Friday when it announced yet another loss.

This time, it was aggravated by the missing MH370 which saw load factor slide to as low as 60 per cent.

MH370 is expected to drag MAS financially in the long term which will reflected furhther in the upcoming second and third financial quarters.

It seems like MAS is under some kind of curse plagued with one problem after another.

Is this its worse crisis in its 40 year old history? It also looks like there is an invisible hand behind all of this.

Those outside of the industry are also wondering why MAS is not standing on its own two feet let alone flying high.

For MAS extended family, some don’t understand why Datuk Seri Idris Jala’s contract was not exctended at a time when it was clambering back into profitability.

Why was Idris taken out? Is there no other corporate figures who are as smart as Idris to helm Pemandu?

Is it because MAS is so insignificant that it is put on the backburner for other pressing matters to be given priority?

Industry observers suspect invisible hands dictating the national carrier obstructing the top management from executing its turn around plan.

The rationale is simple. The losses suffered by MAS is not due to its poor response by air travellers or due to non performing workers but rather due to the wrong selection of decision makers.

Financial viability is very critical and MAS has axed many profitable routes giving it to other airliners while maintaining other routes with a low load factor.

If that is not enough, MAS still spends on external consultants when at the same time they have all the expertise in house.

It has also designated individuals which have worked at its competitors at strategic positions.

MAS is also spendthrift replacing its Airbus at a time when it is financially not doing well.

Ex employees outside of MAS admit that the national carrier’s journey has been extraordinary never before seen in its history.

MAS family are concerned that without government help, the carrier might sink.

They are also frustrated that their pleads and cries for someone internal to helm MAS fall on deaf ears.

What is there to see now other than the utter dissolution of MAS.

At a time when Malaysia aspires to become an aviation hub with the latest and most advanced, the kite strings flying the great “wau” is snapping.

The great wau which once flew high is now flying aimlessly without a safety net below.

Even if it is able to soar again, will it belong to Malaysia?

If it is true that MAS is being played out by invisible hands, then the fate which befell on MH370 might befall on MAS – which is to disappear from the radar’s screen.

– MalaysiaGazette

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