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Butcher loses house to loan shark

A 45-year-old man claimed he lost his house to an illegal moneylender from whom he had taken a loan of RM50,000 in 2008, reported Makkal Osai.

A. Muthukrishnan, a butcher at the Pasar Borong in Selayang for the past 16 years, also claimed that he settled about RM40,000, leaving a balance of only RM10,000.

He had since made numerous police reports against the illegal moneylender.

He said that he had taken the loan in 2008 to expand his business and had signed about 10 forms at that time.

In one of the documents, there was written “house caveat” as security.

When he enquired about that, the moneylender told him not to worry as it was “a normal practice”.

> Gujarat chief minister Anandi Patel said her government would make the state slum-free in the next five years, Tamil Nesan reported.

She also aimed to provide houses to the needy.

She was in Rajkot to inaugurate various schemes launched by the ruling BJP government in India.

Anandi said the government of Gujarat had improved the basic amenities and wanted to provide quality education to the under-privileged children as well.

– The Star

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