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Hand 6-year-old to embassy


PORT KLANG: Umno Youth international bureau has urged the Customs Department to release a 6-year-old Indonesian girl, known only as Kumairah, who has been in detention since June 18.

Its chief, Datuk Mohamed Hazali Abu Hassan, said Kumairah should be handed over to the Indonesian embassy.

The department should also free Kumaira’s mother, Agustina, 24, who is 8 months’ pregnant.

Both mother and daughter were among 97 victims of a boat that capsized 3.7km off Sungai Air Hitam in Banting on June 18.

“We feel that the condition of the lock-up is unhealthy and unsuitable for a 6-year-old.

“We fear it could have long-term psychological affects on her.”

On June 26, the bureau had a discussion the Indonesian ambassador to Malaysia, Herman Pryatino.

It was suggested that both mother and daughter be placed at a shelter under the embassy’s custody until the investigation ends.

“We have spoken to the Indonesian embassy. They informed me that Herman had sent a memo to the department requesting that both mother and daugher be released.

“However, they did not get any reply. That is why we are stepping in.

“We do not think a 6-year-old like Kumaira would be a threat to the nation.

“It is unfair for her to be treated like the other suspects.”


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