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Reviving abandoned projects

KLUANG: THE revival process of 42 abandoned housing projects in the state, since 2009, is expected to be completed by the end of next year.

Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government deputy minister Datuk Halimah Mohamed Sadique said the projects were deemed problematic-developments and were halted because of unforeseen circumstances.

“It may have either been caused by financial issues or the developers’ lack of commitment to complete the project.

“The revival of these abandoned project takes effort from the government, liquidators and reviving project contractors tasked to resume constructions,” she said during the handing of the keys to the units of the revived Mengkibol housing project here to 440 housebuyers recently.

Halimah said the reinstatement of the ailing housing projects were because of the initiatives by the Federal Government to ensure they were completed before making the housebuyers service their bank loans for their units.

“Some 33 projects have been revived out of the abandoned projects.”

There are 8,683 units being revived, which have affected housebuyers as they waited for their homes to be completed.

She said there were 55 abandoned housing projects left out of the 212 projects that were undergoing a recovery process nationwide.

“Some of the projects are being revived in stages, while some are in the midst for reinstatement of the development proposals.”

Zubaidah Ismail, who bought a low-cost unit in Taman Mengkibol said she had waited for so long for her house to be reinstated after the project development was delayed for some 14 years.

“My family had to rent a place while waiting for our house to be completed.

“We faced financial hardship as we had to fork out more money to pay monthly installments on an unifinished house.”

Taman Mengkibol housebuyers pro tem action chairman Ali Zainal Abidin said he was grateful that the houses were finally completed and surrendered to the buyers.

“The buyers are happy that they finally have a house of their own.

“We will be moving into our new homes once the utilities are connected by year’s end,” Ali said.


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