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Chinese couple in Kepala Batas opt for Malay-style wedding

ALOR SETAR: They grew up in a Malay community, so it seemed a perfect fit to throw a wedding reception in Malay style.

Soo Sheng Leng, 28, and Goh Sok Chin, 27, shared their bliss with their families and neighbours in a wholesome reception on Sunday in Kampung Alor Rambai, Kepala Batas, where they grew up.

The father of the groom, Soo Lian Heng, 58, said he and his family had planned the Malay-style ceremony for his son for quite some time as he wanted to foster closer ties with the Malay community in the village.

The sundry shop owner said he was happy that the idea was well-accepted and supported by the bride’s family, as well as by friends and neighbours, who also helped him in hosting a kampung-style wedding feast.

It was attended by about 3,000 relatives, friends and neighbours.

“I’m grateful that my friends and neighbours have been there to support me. Without them, the feast would not have been a success,” he told reporters.

For Sheng Leng, who works in a private company in Kulim, this was the first time he put on the baju Melayu, sampin and songkok.

“I’m very proud to be a Malaysian. I want to share my happiness with my wife, family and neighbours here,” he said.

The bride said she was happy wearing the traditional kebaya Kedah for her wedding.

“I’m very excited. This will be a beautiful memory for me and my husband. I will remember this experience always,” she said.

A neighbour, Suraya Mat Lazim, 44, said this was the first time a Chinese couple held a wedding in such a manner in the village, adding that she pitched in to help them with it. — Bernama

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