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Floods: Najib meets 6 children of drowned couple

KEMAMAN: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak visited six children of the drowned couple Norhayati Sulong and Suhaimi Awang who died in the recent floods.

The eldest daughter Nor Syafiqa Syahira, admitted being taken aback by the outpouring of sympathies by the nation’s leaders following the loss of her parents.

Najib met the 12-year-old Nor Syafiqa along with her siblings Nor Izah Insyirah, 11, Muhammad Irfan Irsyad, 8, and Nor Intisar Izdihar, 6, and Muhammad Aqil Amsyar, 4, and the youngest Nor Adifa Arissa, who is only four months old.

Najib met them while visiting Dewan Berlian at the Kemaman District Council headquarters here this afternoon where some 2,708 flood victims from 523 families had sought shelter.

“He (Najib) had asked us our names and ages,” the timid Nor Syafiqa said.

Their guardian and Norhayati’s brother Azman Sulong, 44, said the children had been receiving many visitors and well-wishers since their parents died.

The children never expected to meet Najib who has a very tight schedule.

The siblings were among the dozens of flood victims in Kemaman that Najib had personally spoken with during his visit at SK Bukit Mentok and the Dewan Berlian here this afternoon.

Najib later left for Bukit Merah, Kelantan, as the third leg of his day-long visit to the flood hit states.


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