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Popular lake park no longer safe

KUALA LUMPUR: TAMAN Tasik Manjalara visitors are irked that their numerous complaints about the park’s dilapidated condition are falling on deaf ears.

They urge City Hall to immediately fix damaged exercise equipment at the playground and three broken platforms at the lake park, and replace all missing drain covers.

Yap Fong Yoon, 65, from Kepong Maluri, said the lack of maintenance was affecting visitors badly.

“Two months ago, a senior citizen out on a morning stroll fell into a drain because the cover was broken.

“Luckily, he only sustained cuts and minor injuries.

“Missing drain covers are also a danger to children. The covers are constantly being stolen and needing to be replaced,” said Yap, who goes to the park to exercise twice daily.

He said the playground was also unsafe as the equipment was broken and could injure children.

“Another concern is the slanting platforms at the lake. It is a serious matter as a part of the concrete platform is almost touching the lake.

“There is a danger of visitors, especially children, falling in and drowning if the platform is not repaired,” he said.

Yap urged City Hall to repair the damaged facilities as soon as possible to avoid any untoward incident.

Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng, who was present at the press conference held at the park, suggested that City Hall allow non-government organisations (NGOs) to “adopt” the park.

“The NGO can then arrange for patrols to curb vandalism. There should also be park wardens during the day and security guards at night to stop people from coming in and destroying the facilities,” he said.

Security guards would also prevent anglers from fishing illegally in the lake, he said.

The 0.4ha Taman Tasik Manjalara has served as a recreation park for the nearby communities for almost 20 years.


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