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RCI report: It’s a cover-up, says disappointed Kitingan

PETALING JAYA: State Reform Party (STAR) chairman Datuk Dr Jeffrey Kitingan (pic) has slammed the report on Sabah immigrants, calling it a “cover up” and complete denial of justice by the Federal Government.

He said the findings of the report fell short of expectations, and described the inquiry as a waste of time and money.

“How can you (the RCI) say political parties were not involved (in the issuance of ICs), when all evidence points to it?

“It does not need to be called Project IC, people give it all kinds of names, but the truth is that it happened,” he said yesterday.

Jeffrey, who was a witness in the hearing, said there was little to look forward to if follow-up action was based on the “farcical report”.

“What can we hope from the special panel headed by my brother (Sabah deputy chief minister Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan) if they are going to just menghalalkan (endorse) the findings of the report?

“They are making a fool of the people, and I am very disappointed,” added the Bingkor assemblyman.

Sabah DAP chairman Jimmy Wong, meanwhile, created a minor stir when he insisted on attending the press conference here.

Wong, who initially told reporters he would kick the door to go in, left quietly after being advised by police to leave as it was a press conference and he was not invited.

Only members of the media and senior state and federal government officials were present at the announcement.

Apart from Wong, former senator Maijol Mahap, Sabah DAP secretary Edwin Bosie and political commentator Zainal Ajmain also left after being told that it was a media function.

Other politicians and NGOs decided to wait and see and would comment only after going through the 368-page report.

Among those declining to comment was Pairin.

PBS secretary-general Datuk Johnny Mositun said many Sabahans had been waiting for the release of the report.

“Although it has taken some time for the report to be made public, we can only hope that the results will lead to a concrete action,” said the deputy State Assembly Speaker.-thestar

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