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State aims for zero squatters in 5 years

PASIR GUDANG: THE Johor government is aiming to have all squatters uprooted from state-owned land in five years.

Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin said eligible candidates would be moved to Hardcore Poor Housing Projects (PPRT) or told to apply for the Johor Affordable Housing Programme.

Local councils would also be keeping a close eye on the vacated land to make sure that no one returns to re-occupy it, he said.

“Although we are building more affordable housing, the state will not be able to achieve the target if the squatters are allowed to remain where they are,” he said.

Khaled had earlier visited and presented aid to 16 families whose homes were razed by fire in Kampung Sungai Rinting C, Taman Rinting in Masai.

He said the displaced were housed at the village surau for now, and were being considered for relocation to PPRT units in Sri Stulang or Bandar Sri Alam, both in Masai.

Khaled said the state government had given out an initial allocation of RM100 for each of the 76 victims, along with essential items.

“The Johor Islamic Religious Council and the Johor Islamic Religious Department have set an allocation of RM7,600 for cash and food aid for the victims.

“Ten heads of families who have furnished us with the necessary documents have also each received RM1,000,” he said.


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