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Arrest order out for Doris Jones

KOTA KINABALU: A warrant of arrest has been issued for a woman named Doris Jones who operates a social media-based secession movement known as Sabah Sarawak Keluar Malay­sia.

Sabah Police Com­missioner Datuk Jala­luddin Abdul Rahman said the woman, whose real name is Doris Yapp Kim Youn Jones, 46, was wanted for seditious activities as she was believed to be promoting secession through a Facebook page and other social media sites.

Police had placed an alert for her at all entry points as she was currently not in the country, he said.

However, he declined to say whether she was operating the page from the United Kingdom or another country.

“Some say she is in London or maybe somewhere in Europe. We are on the alert for her if she enters the country,” he said, adding that he was not sure whether Jones was still holding Malaysian citizenship as she had been overseas for some time.

It is understood that the Sabahan, who is believed to be from Penampang, married in Britain and works in the legal sector. She has family members living in Labuan.

She is also believed to be keeping in touch with Malaysian NGO networks through Skype.

“A total of 126 investigating papers have been opened on the postings. We have forwarded them to the deputy public prosecutor,” he said, urging Sabah NGOs not to get to involved in such activities.

“These NGOs were going around with petitions asking people to support secession.”

On another issue, Jalaluddin said the dusk-to-dawn sea curfew in the east coast of Sabah that had been in place since July last year would be extended another two weeks from Feb 11 to Feb 26.-thestar

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