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One dead, up to 9 injured in explosion at Perth shopping centre

SYDNEY: An explosion at a shopping centre in Perth on Tuesday morning has left one man dead and up to 9 people injured, according to media reports.

Three men were sent to hospital with severe burns, and six more were treated for smoke inhalation and stress on the scene, reported News.com.au.

The explosion occurred at 9.30am local time at Morley Galleria shopping centre in north-eastern Perth.

Witness Christine Saarinsen was cited by News.com.au as saying that she saw a “wall of flames” coming out of the side of the mall and at least three people in flames.

It is believed that the explosion was caused by a faulty electrical transformer. The man who died and the three burn victims were believed to be working at an area near to the transformer, said the police in a statement.

The most seriously injured man suffered burns to more than 80 per cent of his body, including his airways, a St John Ambulance spokesman said, according to ABC News.

Another witness, Jonathon McDonagh, described how the men on fire ran out screaming, and passersby tried to help by dousing them with water from a nearby fire hydrant, with whatever containers they could find. Some threw wet T-shirts over the men, he added.
“It’s not a nice thing to see, especially when you see people on fire,” he said according to ABC News. – The Straits Times/ANN

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