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MCA’s moderation policy gaining support, says Liow

MALACCA: MCA president Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai (pic) said the spat between PAS and DAP has painted a bleak future for the Opposition in this country.

He said the failure of both Pakatan Rakyat parties to reach a consensus on key issues forced them to go separate ways.

“Pakatan will not get the people anywhere. With the PAS-DAP problem unresolved, how can they be expected to serve the people?” he said after opening the annual general meeting of the Tangga Batu MCA division, here, yesterday.

At its recent muktamar, PAS ulama wing passed a motion to sever ties with DAP.

Liow said the situation was different from the consensus reached in Barisan Nasional that existed for so long to meet the aspirations and hopes of the people.

On another matter, he said MCA’s moderation policy and effort to uplift the economic status are gaining support from the grassroots.

“We are slowly but steadily gaining support with more Malaysians backing the party’s agenda on moderation and the drive to gain economic prosperity,” he said.

Liow added all MCA divisions were told to start preparing and strengthening machineries for the next general election.

“We must continue to work hard to serve the people, especially in constituencies contested by MCA.”-thestar

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