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Sabah quake: 5.2 aftershock hits Ranau

KOTA KINABALU: A strong aftershock measuring 5.2 hit Ranau in Sabah at 2.29am.

The tremors rattled residents in Kota Kinabalu where some people in highrise buildings ran out of their home, fearing for their safety.

“I felt tremors in my house at 2.29am. I thought a really big cat was running across the roof,” said a Kota Kinabalu resident.

The effect of the latest tremors in Ranau could not be immediately ascertained.

A Ranau resident said his family moved outdoor after tremors and were waiting to see what happened next.

On June 5, a 5.8 magnitude earthquake left 18 people dead in Mount Kinabalu in Ranau.

-The Star

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