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Singaporean calls Rizuan the rescuer to thank him for saving his son

KOTA KINABALU: A Singaporean has called mountain guide Mohd Rizuan Kauhinin to personally thank him for rescuing his son, expressing hopes that they would be able to meet soon.

“I received the call a few days ago from the boy’s father,” said Rizuan, whose photo of him carrying the injured boy on his back had become the iconic symbol of the mountain guides’ heroism on social media following the June 5 earthquake.

During the call, Rizuan was told that the boy’s name was Wafeeq and that he was undergoing treatment for his injuries.

The father also told Rizuan they would like to meet him as soon as Wafeeq got better.

“I replied that I would like that very much,” said Rizuan, adding that the call was brief.

“The connection was quite bad.”

Rizuan not only carried Wafeeq on his back down Mount Kinabalu, the mountain guide continued to be concerned for the boy even after they reached search and rescue personnel at the base of the mountain.

Rizuan was seen comforting Wafeeq while medical personnel transferred the boy into an ambulance.

On how he was coping a week after Kinabalu National Park’s temporary closure, Rizuan said he was looking forward to getting some rest.

However, the worry of long-term unemployment still loomed over him and his fellow mountain guides.

“For now, we are still jobless but we are grateful for the help and donations we have received so far,” said the 25-year-old Dusun native from Kampung Lembah Permai at the foothills of Mount Kinabalu.

Meanwhile, an endless supply of aid has been flowing into the donation centre at the Kinabalu National Park.

Organising committee member Reynilda Nell Tiam Sunusun said as of yesterday afternoon, 140 donors had provided the victims and guides with aid.

“We have been despatching the donated goods to the homes of the four mountain guides who died in the earthquake – throughout their funerals and seven-day mourning period.

“By this week’s end, we will be handing over all the donations to Sabah Parks and the Kinabalu Mountain Guides Association,” she said.

Reynilda said the donations would be handed over to the two organisations because they would know better on how to distribute the aid among the guides.-thestar

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