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Business as usual in Plaza Low Yat

KUALA LUMPUR: Calm has returned to Plaza Low Yat as shops have resumed business and low police presence was spotted today. A check by NST found shops and restaurants within the premises opened as usual at 10am, with retailers seen arranging their gadgets and products at the opening counter.

A salesman who wanted to be known as Alan said he believed the authority had solved the scuffle and hope he can operate business as usual.

“We decided to closed shop yesterday due to security concern.

“However, when police have confirmed that the situation is calm and under control, we decided to open our business today,” he said.

Another salesgirl Anglie Loo, 29, said she was not scared of the incident as her shop was located on the top floor however, she hoped the fiasco would end soon.

“The case is clearly about theft and not racially-motivated.

I hope Malaysian can live peacefully without creating any racial tension,” she said.

Most shops, including restaurants in the mall were closed yesterday after a mobile phone theft that leads to a brawl broke up on Sunday leaving seven people injured and thousands of property damages, including black Proton Iswara.

Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar said police have arrested 19 people aged between 16 to 40 over two days in relation into the fracas.

He also refuted claims that the incidents were racially motivated, but stemmed from a mobile phone theft. The man in his 20’s who allegedly stole the mobile phone will be charged later today.

– http://www.nst.com.my

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