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Unmarried couple told they cannot share hotel room

KUALA LUMPUR: A non-Muslim Chinese couple wanting to rent a hotel room for the night were not allowed to do so because they could not produce a marriage certificate.

According to the hotel receptionist, the rule about unmarried couples being prohibited from sharing rooms had been imposed by the religious department as well as the National Registration Department.

In a report in The Star Online that quoted Sin Chew Daily, the 25-year-old woman, known only as Wang said they were turned away Sunday evening, giving her boyfriend no other recourse but to rent a room for himself and wait with Wang for two other female friends to join them.

More confusion however arose when later, a hotel personnel knocked at their room door insisting that either Wang or her boyfriend leave the room as the religious department directive was clear that no unmarried couple could share a hotel room even if there were others present.

“We merely followed the rules,” the receptionist was quoted as saying.

However when speaking to Sin Chew, the hotel owner clarified that the ruling only pertained to Muslim couples who had to produce a marriage certificate in order to rent a room together.

“Only Muslim couples need to do so. I think my workers misunderstood the whole thing.

“I will explain to them and prevent this from happening again,” the owner said after apologising for the confusion.-freemalaysiatoday

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