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Footbrawl spoils friendly game, two hurt

PETALING JAYA: What was supposed to have been a friendly football match between two teams en­­ded in a brawl which injured two.

In the 4.30pm incident, two teams – Cardiff City Malaysian Supporters Club (CCMSC) and Gajah Perang (GP) – were in the last 10 minutes before full time when a CCMSC player was injured at the New Camp in Bandar Utama here on Saturday.

Dissatisfied, the opposing team complained to the referee and claimed that CCMSC was wasting time. CCMSC was then leading with three goals against two in the Prestige Cup League 2015 organised by the Prestige Cup.

Petaling Jaya OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Zani Che Din said a heated argument between Gajah Perang and the referee quickly descended into a scuffle when one of the players allegedly slapped a CCMSC offi­cer on the field.

Mohamad Faris Mohamad Fuad, 24, a freelance journalist attached to a ministry, was watching the episode from afar. He had rushed to the field to help defuse the situation.

“Instead, he was stomped on, kicked and punched on his face and body from behind by four or five people,” said ACP Mohd Zani.

Mohamad Faris, who suffered serious injuries due to being assaulted by football boots, was rushed to the Sime Darby Medical Centre.

His friend, Muhammad Fitri Jamaluddin, 26, was injured when he attempted to help.

“We have called in the organiser and we will summon both parties to resolve this case today,” said ACP Mohd Zani.

In a statement issued on its official Facebook page yesterday, CCMSC team manager Danni Rais said: “We are very disappointed since GP is a registered football team under the Sports Development Act 1997. We are shocked at the outcome of what was supposed to be a fun, social football game.

“In effort to protect the good name of our players and Cardiff City, CCMSC has made the difficult decision to make a police report to ensure that no such incident happens again,” Danni said..

On its official Facebook page, organiser Prestige Cup issued an apology, saying that it was waiting for reports from both sides before taking action.

– The Star

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