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MCA to Ali: Stop threatening Chinese-Malay ties

PETALING JAYA: Mohd Ali Baharom, better known as Ali Tinju, has been told to stop threatening the state’s long history of friendship between the Malays and Malaysian Chinese.

MCA central committee member Datuk Koh Nai Kwong said that Mohd Ali, as a former soldier, should “know better about abiding by the law, and not threatening the safety of people, more so in a heritage zone”.

Mohd Ali, who plans to organise a rally in downtown Taman Melaka Raya on Saturday, has warned people that the area “will not be safe” during the rally.

Koh called on the police and local authorities to stop Mohd Ali from staging his gathering.

Malacca MCA liaison committee secretary Koh Chin Han echoed this, warning Mohd Ali to not endanger Malay-Chinese ties.

“The history of Malay-Chinese relations in Malaysia traces its roots to Malacca from over 600 years ago.

“Malaccans cannot afford to see six centuries of inter-ethnic trust and bonds fizzle out due to belligerence by external forces,” he said in a statement.

He said Mohd Ali’s threat “imperils the rule of law, encourages vigilantism, harassment and paradoxically violates the law and public order in his warped version of upholding justice for the assault victims”.

State MCA chairman Datuk Lim Ban Hong said Mohd Ali’s plan to disrupt the Governor’s birthday celebrations would surely receive brickbats from all Malaccans.

Meanwhile, Malacca’s Parents in Education Action Committee’s chairman Mak Chee Kin said thousands of schoolchildren were expected to gather at their respective schools to take part in the National Sports Day this Saturday.

Mak said there were several schools at the fringe of Taman Melaka Raya and parents would be sending their children to attend.

“The Education Department should cancel the event as the welfare of schoolchildren is at stake if there is a riot or melee,” he said.

– The Star

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