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Start healthy with meatless Mondays

In promoting a healthy lifestyle, BMS Organics is collaborating with Malaysian food ambassador Datuk Redzuawan Ismail or famously known as Chef Wan to help Malaysians consume healthily and eliminate misconceptions about healthy food.

The collaboration was announced at the opening of BMS Organics’ new store, its 43rd, in Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur.

BMS Organics chief operating officer Terry Lee said it was his vision to help Malaysians eat healthy and lead a wholesome lifestyle.

“By skipping meat every Monday and substituting it with tastier, healthier meatless meal, we can make a world of difference to our health and the planet.

“And organic food is the right choice,” said Lee of his initiative to promote the Meat-Free Monday, a movement now growing around the globe in line with increasing awareness of health benefits that come with reduction in meat consumption.

The movement encourages people to give up meat on Monday, to improve their personal health and the health of the planet.

Meat production generates nearly 20% of man-made greenhouse gasses which speed up climate change and consumes 20 times more feed for beef than plant-based protein.

“It is generally known that our daily diet tends to lack wholesome fibre,” said Chef Wan.

“We, Malaysians, love our lip-smacking food, especially curry and meat, but our passion for good food has become increasingly unhealthy.

“As a chef, I take it as my calling to help Malaysians develop a healthy eating culture,” he said, adding that consuming organic foods help to reduce the risk of high cholesterol and high blood pressure caused by unhealthy diet.

Certified organic products are free from pesticides, artificial flavours and colouring as well as preservatives.

– The Star

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