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MMC: Provisional Registration certificate only for those offered house officer post

PUTRAJAYA: Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) has decided that the Provisional Registration certificate for medical graduates to undergo housemanship training will only be issued to those who could show proof that they were offered the house officer post (Gred UD 41).

MMC chairman Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said the process of producing the certificate was coordinated with the requirements of Section 12 (1) (b) and Section 13 of the Medical Act 1971.

“The procedures for Provisional Registration certificate application management have been reviewed; in which all qualified applications will be given a letter informing that they are eligible to be considered for provisional registration, and is subject to those who are selected and offered a position as house officer.

“The certificate to enable them to undergo the housemanship training in Health Ministry’s hospitals will only be issued after the graduates submit a letter that they had been offered the house officers post,” he said in a statement, yesterday.

Dr Hisham, who is also Health Ministry director-general, said the council took note that all medical graduates from recognised medical schools need to be interviewed by the Public Services Commission before they can secure a job as a house officer.

The council also noticed that there were several house officers who had undergone the training at ministry’s hospitals failed to complete the training within the stipulated two years and their session had to be extended.

He said this was due to several reasons, among them were incompetence and health problems.

“The extended training time for the houseman had resulted in a backlog of houseman in the hospitals and limited the number of intakes. Medical graduates would have to wait longer to undergo their housemanship,” he said.-nst

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