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Three Msian students die in road accident in Jordan

KUALA LUMPUR: Three Malaysian students were killed while two others were injured in a road accident in Jordan yesterday. The deceased were identified as Hana’ Azhar, Al Najiatun Nailah Mohd Safie and Fatin Iqmal Idziyani Che Aziz. All of them were students of Mu’tah University.

According to a statement posted on the official Facebook page of the Education Ministry’s mission in Jordan – ‘Education Malaysia Jordan’, the incident happened when the victims were travelling in a car to attend a program in Mafraq.

It said that the victims’ car crashed with another vehicle in the morning incident. However, the statement did not specify the time and exact location of the occurrence.

“The accident involved five students of Mu’tah University. Three of them were killed while two others were injured.

“The injured victims are still receiving treatment at the Mafraq Hospital. “Let’s pray for the souls of our students who perished in the incident,” said the post.

Meanwhile, a statement issued by the Jordan Kelantanese Student Association said Hana’ and Najiatun hailed from the east coast state while Fatin was from Kuala Lumpur.

The injured students, meanwhile, were identified as Fatin Norsyahirah, also from Kelantan, and Izzam Hasif from Negeri Sembilan.

-New Straits Times

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