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Heatwave has Malaysians seeking cooler climes

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians are hiding from the heatwave … in their homes, offices, shopping malls and wherever there is air-conditioning.

Chan Ren Cheian, 25, who works with a publishing company, sought refuge in his air-conditioned office at 11am yesterday although his shift was starting only at 6pm.

“I couldn’t stop perspiring even after taking a cold shower,” said Chan, who lives in a small, non air-conditioned rented room in SS2 here.

According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature in Petaling Jaya at 4pm was 34°C, while Ipoh recorded 36°C; Alor Setar 37°C; Malacca 36°C and 38°C in Chuping, Perlis.

Post-graduate student Sin Tien Tan, 25, said he had been spending most of the past few days in his university’s library.

“I used to go to the library only to borrow or return books. But now I am also doing Internet research in the library,” said Sin.

He added that there were also more people than usual in the library now, compared to previously.

Teacher Liew Nyuk Hsia, 32, will be hopping on a plane to Kuching for the school holidays to escape the heat.

“On accuweather.com, it says the temperature there is only 25°C, so it sounds like a good place to get away from the heat,” said Liew, who will be there from today till Saturday.

Sunway Shopping Malls chief executive officer and a Malaysian Shopping Mall Association adviser H.C. Chan said there would usually be an increase in the number of people in the malls during hot days.

“Generally, when it is hot, people want to go somewhere cool, comfortable and relaxing,” said Chan.

Personal financial consultant Kelvin Wong, 28, had been putting off spending RM300 to tint his car but now, the weather has pushed him to get it done.

“I can’t stand the heat anymore, so I’ve fully tinted the car,” he said.

As for undergraduate Chester Wong, 22, he is spending more time in the bathroom to take more cold showers.

“On a normal day, I only shower twice a day. But now, I’m taking nearly four to six cold showers a day,” he added.-thestar

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