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Kamalanathan: Education Ministry to decide if schools should be closed due to heatwave

KLANG: ?The Education Ministry will decide if schools should be temporarily closed due to the heatwave, said Datuk P. Kamalanathan (pic).

The Deputy Education Minister ?said that the relevant authorities were monitoring the hot season closely and would consider the option if it gets too hot when schools reopen later.

”?Let us see what are the procedures we have right now.

”Since it is the school holidays now, children could stay indoors and minimise outdoor activities until the schools reopen next week. ?

”However, we will consider closing schools if the need arises,” he said when met after attending a youth dance programme here Sunday.

Kamalanathan was asked if public schools ?would be advised to close following the current hot spell that could bring a heatwave and the forecast of scorching heat on March 20, a day before the schools reopen. ?

He said that right now, a ministry’s standard circular allows school administrators to decide based on the existing standard procedures.

”The circular empowers the principals and headmasters to take action such as stop having classes outdoor when the weather is too hot.

”Considering that the weather situation is worse now, we will make sure the relevant information is updated to all state Education Departments directors within these two days.

“‘Then they can advise and remind all school principals and headmasters to refrain students from carrying out outdoor activities at schools if it gets too hot when the it reopens ?later,” he said.

Kamalanathan said the Education Ministry would be guided by the standards ?set by the Environment Ministry on whether to close schools or not, when the weather gets too hot.

”They have the expertise, which we do not,” he added.-thestar

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