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Broadband providers TIME and TM engage in social media battle

KUALA LUMPUR: A post from TIME dotcom’s Facebook page ‘welcoming’ fellow broadband provider TM into the high-speed broadband circle triggered a social media tiff between the two companies’ social media accounts.

What was supposed to be a light jab between the rival competitors eventually escalated into a verbal brawl.

TIME got the ball rolling by posting, “Well hello, TM, you’re a little late to the party but we’re happy to have you anyway.”

TM, via its social media account, replied in the thread with “Hi TIME Internet. Thank you! But how to party with you when wherever WE GO there is always NO TIME.”

That post garnered 297 likes from the public. This was then replied by Time’s Facebook page administrator, with a post: “Sorry lah boss. We are really trying our best. You see, we didn’t take RM1.4b of taxpayers’ money to pay for fibre rollout like YOU did. We invested our OWN money, so life not so easy la.”

TIME was an early bird to the high-speed broadband game, having offered the service since several years ago.

TM’s reply however highlighted that TIME has not been able to expand its coverage as wide as consumers had hoped for.

The ongoing social media war attracted the interest of many netizens, who shared and liked the ongoing on-line fracas.-nst

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