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Eight more hysteria cases

KOTA BARU: Eight more female students of SMK Pengkalan Chepa 2 were hit by hysteria after a prayer session to rid the school of bad spirits.

The prayers and a recital of Quranic verses were held for about two hours at the school hall yesterday.

The hysteria continued despite the attempts by several uztaz to rid the place of spirits. It was learnt that a Chinese shaman also came to the school to help.

Several students also managed to take pictures of a ghostly apparition captured in the canteen, hall and some of the classrooms.

A student claimed that a female student afflicted by hysteria jumped off a staircase but was saved by several male students.

“She is supposed to skip school (yesterday). I don’t understand why she came after she was possessed,” she added.

A parent, Alzzah Sulaiman, 45, said she was called to take her Form Four daughter Nora Mohd Fauzi earlier after she became hysterical.

A student, who only wanted to be identified as Ina, did not come to school yesterday upon advice by her parents.

“I can’t explain how I got possessed, but I couldn’t move and fainted before I was revived by an uztaz,” she recalled.

The media was not allowed into the school yesterday. However, the reporters and photographers could hear the screams from outside the school gates at 11.30am.

The journalists’ attempts to enter the school were unsuccessful as there was tight security around the area.

School principal Siti Hawa Mat and the district education department officials could not be reached for comments.

The mass hysteria at the school began last Monday when more than 100 students and teachers were allegedly struck.

It was so serious that the school was forced to stop classes on Thursday.

To date, more than eight ustaz, bomoh and Islamic traditional experts have come to help chase away spirits that are said to be in the school compound.-thestar

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