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‘Geran’ system for vehicles to be phased out, replaced with VOC

KUALA LUMPUR: The Road Transport Department has (RTD) has introduced the Vehicle Ownership Certificate (VOC) to replace the current Registration Certificates (RC), commonly known among Malaysians as ‘geran.’

The implementation, which comes into effect today, will be done in stages.

The department is targeting a full switch to the VOC format by January 1, 2020.

With the implementation of the VOC format, RTD is looking forward to utilise the online platform in a bid to smoothen business transactions between the department and the public.

“VOC is still a registration certificate which is produced under the Road Transport Act 1987, which contains the details of the owner and the vehicle.

“But unlike RC, VOC will not be used as a document or instrument to renew road tax, transfer of ownership, or change of details.

VOC also has no print of transaction records compared to RC,” the department said in a statement.

For the first stage, which takes effect today, RTD will issue VOCs for owners of newly-registered vehicles as well as to those who apply for transfer of ownership.

For the second phase which will begin on Sept 1, VOCs will be issued to vehicle owners who have their road tax renewed, and to owners who make amendments or corrections on the information of the vehicles.

For the final phase, which is to be implemented on January 1, 2017, RTD will issue VOCs to owners who voluntarily come to RTD to replace their RCs with the VOC.-nst

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