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Not happy with Johor? Remove it from Malaysia, says TMJ

KUALA LUMPUR: Johor Tengku Mahkota Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim today lashed out at those who criticised the southern state, and said anyone unhappy with Johor can demand for its removal from Malaysia.

In a posting on the Johor Southern Tigers Facebook page, Tunku Ismail, no stranger to controversial statements, delivered a message to the state’s detractors.

“Should (sic) any of you are uneasy with Johor Darul Ta’zim being in Malaysia, you can all march down to Putrajaya and propose to the Prime Minister to remove the State of Johor from Malaysia,” he was quoted as saying.

His message came at the end of a lengthy post which sought to explain the ‘jealousy’ others had for the state.

Among others, the post stated that Johoreans were proud to be Johorean as it wasn’t built on the foundations of racism, and identifies itself as one race, which is ‘Bangsa Johor.’

“Don’t blame Johor And accuse us of being obsessed with HRH Crown Prince of Johor because we have witnessed for ourselves how he has always stood firmly by our side.”

“Don’t blame Johor (or) be envious of the relationship we have with our leaders because.. Only he has been tirelessly brave enough to continue to fight and guarantee our existence and welfare.”-nst

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