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Pas keen to ditch “old political culture”, says Hadi

KOTA BARU: Pas wishes to leave its old political culture which is deemed extreme and causes hardship to the people, said Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

In his policy speech during the party’s 62nd Muktamar here today, Hadi said the party’s Syura Ulama council had underlined a clear and basic principle in the relationship between Pas and other parties, by bringing forward the agendas of tarbiyah (nurture), dakwah (preach) and siyasah (good administration).

“Until today, the Syura Ulama council endorses the principle that (it will) agree to continue the agenda of cooperation with any party in anything that is good and taqwa (God-fearing) in order to strengthen Islam and its struggle.”

Hadi said the political block in the country today only represented either “black” or “white”, with its own brand of politics.

“The government will always defend its actions and deny the role of the opposition.

“The opposition, meanwhile, will always oppose whatever government agenda, even though some of the government’s agenda are good,” he added.

Hadi said this “extreme and harsh” style of politics would sometimes cause the people to feel trapped, until they no longer trusted the political promises of the government or the opposition.-nst

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