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Dhaka attack: One of the attackers had studied in Malaysian university

KUALA LUMPUR: One of the seven militants who attacked a cafe in Dhaka late on Friday was a student at a private university in Malaysia, a media report said.

The news portal ‘indiatoday’ reported yesterday that the militant, identified as Nibras Islam, was from an affluent family and had attended Monash University Malaysia.

A social media account attributed to the youth states that Islam was the “Treasurer at Monash University International Student Services”.

At press time, the authenticity of the account could not be verified. A source in the Malaysian police said its Special Branch Counterterrorism Division was investigating whether Islam had studied in Malaysia.

“We have just received the details from our counterparts (in Bangladesh).

“We have never heard of the name ‘Nibras Islam’, but we will check with the university’s management whether the claims were true,” he said.

It is learnt that police had been monitoring foreign students over suspicions of their involvement in terror group such as IS.

The source said a number of students, including those from Bangladesh, had been deported back to their countries for allegedly being involved with militant activities.

“Some foreigners had entered Malaysia as a student before flying to Syria,” the source said. The involvement of Bangladeshis abroad in terrorism has been a security concern in Southeast Asia.

In January, Singapore announced that it had invoked its Internal Security Act to detain 27 Bangladeshi workers for allegedly planning terrorist attacks in their home country.

All but one of these detainees have been deported. In May, Singapore announced the detention and deportation of a further eight Bangladeshi workers.-nst

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