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Cops monitoring varsity students over IS links

SERDANG: Police are keeping a close watch on university students who may be influenced by the radical propaganda of the Islamic State (IS), said Tan Sri Noor Rashid Ibrahim.

The Deputy Inspector-General of Police said this was important because IS mainly targeted youths and university students.

“We have even arrested people as young as 16 years old and others who were students over their alleged links,” he said at a press conference at University Putra Malaysia here Sunday.

“Even some of them who just happen to like a sympathetic post about IS on social media are watched by us,” he warned.

Noor Rashid said though the number of those influenced were not many, there were still a few who were linked to the terrorist group.

On the ongoing Ops Cantas 2, Noor Rashid said police had so far seized about 10 pistols and have had various successes in cracking down organised crime.

“We will continue to step up efforts in fighting this issue,” he said.

Noor Rashid was speaking after attending the graduation ceremony of the 12th annual public universities’ Police Undergraduate Voluntary Corp (Kor Suksis), which saw a total of 1,051 graduates.

“Kor Suksis members who have completed their three-year officer training programme will be given priority in next year’s recruitment for inspectors,” said Noor Rashid.-thestar

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