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Khairy: Stand by leadership even if you’re ‘macai’

PUTRAJAYA: Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin has urged party members to stick together and stand by the leadership “even at the cost of being labelled ‘macai’”.

He questioned why in a recent issue (1MDB) that the findings of an investigation were being presented as though they are facts, even though it had yet to be tried in court and defended by the individuals accused.

“Unfortunately, the public assume it as the truth.

“They think that just because the US Attorney-General said it then it has to be 100% true.

“We are faced with a situation that is very prejudiced and biased. There needs to be togetherness among party members.

“Our own party members should not be one of those who assume the Department of Justice’s findings as the truth. Do not forget that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

“Even at the cost being labelled as ‘macai’ or ‘balachi’, we must stand by our leader and defend the truth,” Khairy said at Putrajaya Umno’s Wanita, Youth and Puteri wings assembly.

The US Department of Justice had filed civil forfeiture lawsuits to recover assets derived from alleged misappropriation from 1MDB.

Khairy reminded party members that “politics of sentiment” meant that the party could not take the people’s support for granted.

“In the politics of service, there is no doubt that Barisan wins.

“But sentiment alone can destroy five years of great service by a party. We need to tackle this and change our psy-war ways.

“People harp on the 1MDB issue as if it is the only issue out there, but there are so many more positives that we have done, but do not get highlighted.

“No one highlights how we have created 1.8 million jobs in the past few years, reduced the unemployment rate when other countries saw theirs increased.

“These are positive facts which we need to highlight more,” said Khairy, also Youth and Sports Minister.

On Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s plan to create a new party, Khairy said Umno supporters’ loyalty should be with the party and not individuals.

“The Malays must always remember that Umno is the main party that is in the forefront of the Malay struggle.

“Even when party founder, Datuk Onn Jaafar, left Umno to form his own party, Umno supporters responded by not giving it support,” said Khairy.-thestar

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