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Navy man flung from flyover in freak accident

KUALA LUMPUR: A 33-year-old Navy-man was killed when he was flung from his motorcycle and off a flyover along the Duke Highway, near Jalan Duta, on Monday.

According to police, the man’s motorcycle is believed to have skidded and hit a concrete barrier before he was flung from the flyover due to the impact of the collision.

City Traffic Investigation and Legal Affairs staff officer Deputy Supt Shafie Daud said police have found that the man suffered from a neurological illness and sudden blackouts.

“We were told about his illness from his wife and a Naval Affairs director,” he told reporters on Monday.

DSP Shafie said the victim had previously been involved in a similar accident due to a blackout and was warded at the Sungai Buloh Hospital.

“The victim works at Mindef and was on his way home after work when the accident occurred,” he said.

DSP Shafie added that police were initially notified of the incident by a caller claiming to have seen four men throw the victim from the flyover.

“Investigators from CID and Hospital Kuala Lumpur forensics combed the area and found that there was no way the witness could have seen what he had claimed because he was too far away from the scene, and could not see the accident which occurred on the right of the highway,” he said.-thestar

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