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Customs: Security more important than convenience

KUALA LUMPUR: Those coming into the country, including through the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), cannot expect to breeze through checks, said Customs director-general Datuk Seri Khazali Ahmad.

He said his men stationed at the country’s front lines had a set of standard operating procedures to follow.

Khazali said air passengers must realise that their convenience could not be at the expense of the country’s security.

He said the queues were “manageable” and did not cause backlogs. We are doing our job to protect the country at its entry and border checkpoints to ensure no dangerous or illicit items get through.

“Security is of utmost importance… surely more important than being quick and fast. We must be thorough.”

Khazali said it was ironic that complaints of being held up at Customs also came from Malaysians who would not question when subjected to lengthy checks when they were abroad.

“When we (the Customs) try to do our job well, these travellers make noise.

We need to protect our country. It is a simple as that.” When asked if the Customs Department had enough manpower in KLIA, Khazali said: “Delays are normal.

We check all passengers and their belongings. Travellers should come to the airport earlier to accommodate security checks.”

Last Friday, travellers took to social media to complain about delays at the KLIA Customs counters and other airport facilities, including the Immigration and baggage drop counters.-nst

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